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Data and Analytics

With broad experience across a number of analytics and customer experience platforms, we are able to help you drive your digital performance based on sound data insights. We have extensive experience with Google, IBM, Adobe, Piwik, Clicktale (ContentSquare), Hotjar, Tableau and PowerBI while delivering and managing analytics, customer experience and visualisation solutions. We have delivered high value solutions out of the box and custom built solutions meeting customer needs from data collection to visualisation and analysis. 

We deliver innovative technical tracking solutions collecting and consolidating data from disparate online and offline sources. We configure custom reporting and visualisations that provide you actionable insights without you needing to hire or learn analysis capabilities. Our platform integration uncovers insights between your products, services and business areas that delivering large and or incremental improvements in performance. We educate and train our customers on all the work we deliver, with the teach a person to fish mindset. Our solutions are designed to be elegant in their simplicity while ensuring you have the right suite of tools delivering the types and depths of insights needed to achieve your business goals.  

The solutions we have designed and delivered have been innovative and brought transformational change to our customers organisations. Whether the project is a simple custom tracking solution to help understand prospective customer intention to large scale system integration which resulted in global delivery time records, the project outcome was focused on the needs of the customer and designed to provide the best outcome possible while meeting budget and timeline constraints. 

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