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Project Management

We have worked with a number of large multinational organisations and Australian public and private businesses and government agencies. In that time we have has planned, lead and delivered small and large scale projects. Each project was customised to the customers business objectives, deliver process and systems and had clearly defined project goals to which they worked towards. 

These experiences and learnings help us to ensure that while managing the rollout of any solution we keep our customers needs and requirements as the primary concern to best avoid the in project pitfalls we have seen derail many projects in the past. 

We believe that it is critical to define and maintain clear project goals, project responsibilities, transparency in communications and effective progress reporting systems. The size of the project does not matter, these project management fundamentals can be baked into any project at varying degrees of execution. Experience has demonstrated that nearly all projects where these components were not clearly defined have not been successful. Pre-project planning is critical in ensuring high quality project outcomes and maintaining best project management practices is necessary to achieve the outcomes. 

We work with your team and stakeholders to define the critical components of the project as well as your key business objectives for the project. Once defined we integrate into your existing systems or recommend systems we feel would work best with your business and processes to provide your projects the highest possible chance of success. 

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